Creating Campaigns from Scratch

Chartists and digital schedulers can create their own campaigns directly, without the help of sales users who submitted proposals in Juice.


To create proposals:

  1. Log into Splash, click Scheduling, and then Campaigns tile.
  2. This presents the filter search window.

  3. Click the Button---Plus.png icon to show the Add Campaign modal window.
  4. Fill out the following mandatory information:
    • Name – Title your campaign in a way that it will be understood easily by other users in your system.
    • Advertiser – Name the ultimate purchaser.
    • Division – Divisions are sub-sections of agencies. Select the division with which the contract was signed.
    • Contract Number – An automatically generated number is supplied. It can be edited later.
    • Campaign Type – Choose new or renewal.
    • Content Type – Choose Advertising, editorial or filler.
    • Approval – Choose Pending or Approved.
    • Campaign Status – To have your campaign become active immediately, choose Contracted.
  5. Click Save Changes to commit your changes.

A Difference

Unlike converting a proposal to a campaign, there is no cautionary message. This is because no faces have yet been committed to the campaign.

This is unlike a proposal which may mark a significant amount of resources as sold.

What's Next?

Once designs have been uploaded and organized into bundles, the chartist or digital scheduler work in the Campaign Editor.

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