Other Campaign Record Tabs

There are many other tabs in the campaign record. While they do have their uses, new chartists and digital schedulers do not need to master them in the first days of use.

Tab Description
Agencies This identifies media agencies responsible for the campaign. Agencies are optional. Multiple agencies can be associated with one contract.
Attributes Attributes are your organization's custom fields. These differ from customer to customer. For an example of how to assign attributes to a campaign, see Assign Attributes.
Files A general-purpose directory for your team to upload non-media files associated with this campaign.
Static Bookings A list of all the static bookings in the campaign. For chartists needing to identify a specific billboard, pillar or other location, use the sort columns on this list to locate the face quickly.

Rarely Used Campaign Record Tabs

Tab Description
Content Requests

Typically clients send designs and copy to you. However, if a campaign is missing some designs, chartists and digital schedulers can trigger a content request in the Campaign Record.

  1. Click the button.
  2. This presents a drop down menu.

  3. Choose Request content.
  4. A pop-up window appears. It contains an e-mail with a link for your client to upload the requested content. You can customize this message.

  5. Enter the client’s e-mail address in the to field.
  6. Click send request.
  7. This e-mails the link and the message then closes the window.

Reps This lists the sales reps responsible for the campaign. At least one must be included, and at least one must be identified as the primary representative. The account executive is selected as the primary rep by default.

Click the icon to create a new note for this campaign. A blank note appears in a modal window. Notes can have titles and content. Clicking Save includes the new note on this page. This feature is often used to track historical changes in the contract.

Notes can also be created for the following entities:

  • Faces
  • Face Packs
  • Locations
  • Sites
  • Vehicles
Contacts Link to your customer contacts for this campaign. There are filters for Account, Assigned To, Company Name and Full Name. See Adding a Contact.
Opportunities Broadsign Ayuda has a Customer Relationship Management tool for use by sales teams to track and manage opportunities. If potential sales have been entered for the advertisers associated with this campaign, those would be listed here for non-CRM users.

This identifies advertiser's offices responsible for the campaign. It may be that a local office may be the contact for a national campaign. At least one must be included, and at least one must be identified as the primary office.

Note: Offices are linked to Sales Markets.

For more information on offices, see Creating and Editing Offices.


A list of who edited the campaign record and when as well as when it was created.

The History tab is also available for the following entities:

  • Faces
  • Vehicles (called Site History)

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