How Discounts Work

A one thousand dollar campaign has been sold. It has an overall 10 per cent agency discount amount, 10 per cent campaign discount, a 10 per cent discount on one face, $100 of additional revenue and a tax rate of 21 per cent.

Amount Impact
 $1,000    Gross amount for the sale.
 -10 % Agency Discount
= $900

Initial total

 -10 %   

Face discount

Note: The face discount is applied before the campaign discount.

 $810 Sub-total
 -10 %     Campaign discount. If you have many, these are applied in order.
 $729 New sub-total
 +$100 Additional revenue with no discounts applied.
 = $829 Pre-Tax total
 +29 % Taxes rounded up — In some jurisdictions taxes may not apply to all items.
 $1,003.09 Total

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