Restricting Useable Dates

Rate Cards have a From Date. From this point in time forward the card is active and available for use. An end date is not necessary.

The Restrict Usable Dates feature can be used to temporarily suspend the card's availability but still keep it active.

For example, it might be that an OOH company has a general rate card but wants it suspended for the holidays. Having a general rate card that applies and then creating an exception within it is simpler than creating three different rate cards to set a price, change it, and then a third to return to the original price.

To restrict useable dates:

  1. Open a rate card.
  2. From within the rate card record, enable the Restrict Usable Dates check box.
  3. Enter a Useable From and Usable To date to contain when this rate card can be used.
  4. Click Save changes.

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