About Broadsign Air

Broadsign Air is an intelligent cloud-based ad server for digital out-of-home media owners with large networks who want to leverage Broadsign’s powerful CMS (Broadsign Control) to manage their mixed-player network.

Broadsign Air is equipped with Broadsign’s powerful player logic and CMS, which enables you to sell, traffic and operate your mixed-player network on the most robust platform in the industry. The following are some of Broadsign Air features:

  • Uses smart server-side playlist generation that can be made compatible with existing player software.
  • Can either be used to create a player or serve ads/messages in an application.
  • Allows users to harness key functionality such as programmatic, yield optimization (in Broadsign Direct), and general campaign management.

The Broadsign Air player will call for the next ads to be served over a given period of time, using smart server-side playlist generation for optimal management.

To operate, third-party player applications submit a playlist request to the Broadsign Air generate endpoint for a playlist and receive in return a JSON list of start times, duration, media locations, etc. For more details, see generate.

Broadsign Air uses the confirm_playback endpoint as a Proof-of-Play (POP). For more details, see confirm_playback.

You can also query Broadsign Air for the list of creatives that are scheduled to play within up to the next 48 hours. This can be used, for example, to pre-cache your creatives ahead of time so they are ready when they appear in a Playlist. For more details, see content.