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The user_mgr_list_self method lists the details of the Broadsign Control API user that makes the API calls.



Return Values

Value Description Type Required (R) or Optional (O)
id The unique ID# of the user. bstypes:ResourceId R
name The name of the user resource, for example "admin". string R
active Indicates whether or not the resource is in an active state. boolean R
domain_id The unique ID# of your domain. bstypes:ResourceId R
username The log-on username of the user resource. string R
passwd The log-on password of the user resource. string R
public_key_fingerprint The public key fingerprint assigned to users that call BroadSign Open API. string R
container_id The unique ID# of the user's folder. bstypes:ResourceId R
pending_single_sign_on_email Indicates whether the user's Single Sign-on (SSO) email has been validated. string R
single_sign_on_id The unique Single Sign-on (SSO) ID#. bstypes:ResourceId R