Interface Tour – Major Tabs

Tab Description
Assets The advertising inventory that has been configured by your company’s Broadsign Ayuda administrators. 
Pricing This section is used to manage financial information by senior team members. For example, the rate card price templates are controlled here.
Pack Building The features of this tab are being merged into the Assets tab. Expect this tab to be deprecated.
Configuration Used exclusively by system administrators at your company to configure the sites and inventory at your firm and their properties.

The primary workspace for chartists to create and manage static campaigns and digital schedulers to create and manage digital campaigns. This is where most of the work is done in Broadsign Ayuda after the proposal has been converted to a contract.


Inside the scheduling section is the top-level campaign record filter search. The purpose of this screen is to search for campaigns. The filter search is a key feature used throughout Broadsign Ayuda. Filter searches are contextual – each filter search has different options depending upon where it appears.

Campaigns can be created from this screen with the Plus icon. More typically, campaigns are converted from proposals created by the sales team using the Juice product.

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