Introducing Designs

Chartists and digital schedulers can upload designs within bundles. However, designs can also be uploaded independently.


Designs are the actual content to be posted or displayed. Chartists and digital schedulers will use the design tab to upload, link and edit design information to ensure that these can be found easily and linked to bookings correctly.

Different design record options are available for digital and static content and the processes are digital and static campaigns.

Designs and the media bundles organizing them can be linked to, uploaded singly, added or removed from media bundles, and edited at any time during a campaign.

Meaning, you might work on a several campaigns at once. In those campaigns on a daily or even hourly basis a chartist or digital scheduler might jump between the five key campaign editor tabs to add and edit segments, update media bundles and update designs.

Can Designs Be Saved Independently Of Bundles?


Can Designs Be Uploaded Independently of Campaigns?

Yes. Designs can be uploaded at any point.

Can Designs Be Re-Used?

Yes. Once a design has been uploaded all users may link to it for their own bundles and campaigns so long as the advertiser is the same.

Are Designs Seen By All Users?


Are Designs Only Advertising?

No. Designs can be advertising, editorial or filler. These categories do not overlap.

What is Design Approval?

Some Broadsign Ayuda clients have design approval restriction. For those clients, the design must be approved explicitly otherwise it is not available for play even though it is not otherwise restricted.

What Can Be Uploaded

The following formats are supported:

It is also possible to upload URLs, as well as HTML5 content (see Creating HTML5 Content With Sample Template).

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