In this section, we describe how you can sell more inventory using Broadsign Direct.

  • Digital Inventory Page: Describes the Digital Inventory page interface.
  • About Inventory Holds: You want to place a hold on specific inventory in the Proposal Builder while you finalize a proposal with a customer? The inventory hold feature ensures that the inventory in question cannot be booked by another sales person for a defined period of time.
  • Types of Buy: Describes the Types of Buy available in the Digital Inventory page of Broadsign Direct and the specifics related to them.
  • Static Inventory Page: Describes the Static Inventory page interface.
  • Browse Inventory: In Broadsign Direct you can browse your screen inventory. That way, you can see what screens to offer your prospects in your proposals.
  • Monitor Booking Levels: You have quotas? Do you want to see if you are reaching your goals every day? Use the dashboard in Broadsign Direct to monitor your booking levels.
  • Fill Rate Information: Understanding fill rate is critical when booking proposals. The fill rate indicates, in percentage, the used capacity of the screen or face for the ad flight duration you set.
  • Criteria Search Feature: Describes how to use the Criteria filter box of the Digital Inventory Page and Static Inventory Page.