Broadsign's geotargeting feature enables users to target moving screens, and activate campaigns, within a specific geographical area. As a result, network operators can better sell local advertising.

You can draw your own geofencing objects in Broadsign Control Administrator, or use JSON to create or import your own.

Finally, you can integrate your GPS transponder data with Broadsign by using your operating system's location API. You can also use your own script, delivering the latitude and longitude in JSON format.

Example: Imagine that you are the network operator for a fleet of taxis in New York City. Each taxi has a small digital display inside (along with a player and a GPS transponder). When a cab drives into Midtown Manhattan, you want ads for Times Square restaurants or Broadway shows to appear. Once the cab leaves Midtown, the player should return to regular content. Broadsign helps you to target these moving screens, and sell more local ads.