Proposal Builder

In Broadsign Direct, use the Proposal Builder to create proposals to send to your clients.

This section describes the number of different ways to access the Proposal Builder in Broadsign Direct, as well as the parts of the Proposal Builder.

For more information about proposals, see About Proposals.

Note: Though the main task of Sales, all other roles in Broadsign Direct can create proposals. See User Privileges by Role.

Note: Many of the details that you enter into the Proposal Builder (for example, the proposal name) will appear in the list on the Proposals page.

Section Description
Summary Bar Provides high-level details of your proposal
Proposal Name and Client Info Allows you to name the proposal and enter information about your client. If you have the Sales Coordinator, Manager, or Admin role, you can also assign the current proposal to a user with the Sales role.
Category Exclusions Allows you to select category exclusions to be associated with a proposal.
Set Goals Allows you to create one or more goals that can be shared across multiple non-contiguous blocks of time during the day.
Select Inventory

Lists packages, faces, screens, and screen groups that you have added to the Proposal Builder. This section allows you to do the following:

  • Select category exclusions for screens, screens groups, and packages
  • Select packages to include in the proposal
  • Select digital screens or screen groups to include in the proposal
  • Select static faces to include in the proposal
  • Set a proposal item as being preemptible
  • Perform actions such as amending, cloning, or deleting screens, screen groups, and packages
Assign Ad Copies Allows you to manage the creatives (ad copies) that are assigned to the proposal.
Proposal Price

Allows you to view the price associated with your selection.

Proposal Description and Picture Uploader Allows you to add a proposal description and upload a picture.
Proposal Builder Buttons Allows you to perform actions such as hold a proposal or submit it for booking.